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Our Mission at BagToTee

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Golf isn’t just a sport; it’s a lifestyle, a passion, and for many, a sacred retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. When the sun is shining, the greens are fresh, and the fairways are beckoning, nothing feels better than embarking on a golf vacation. As avid golf enthusiasts, we understand the allure. And that’s precisely why we created our company.

Why We Exist

We’re here because we love golf just as much as you do. Our team cherishes those tranquil mornings on the course, the sound of the club connecting with the ball, and the indescribable thrill of sinking a putt from 30 feet away. The camaraderie, the challenges, the stunning sceneries – golf offers an escape like no other. But with that escape should not come the stress of transporting your precious clubs.

The Hassle-Free Experience

Have you ever wondered why, in an era of tech-forward solutions, transporting golf clubs still feels like it’s stuck in the dark ages? ... We want you to focus on your game, your swing, and the courses you’re about to conquer, not on the whereabouts and safety of your clubs.

Transforming Shipping with Advanced Tech

It’s no secret that airlines can be unpredictable with handling our cherished clubs. We’ve all heard the horror stories or, worse, experienced them firsthand: golf clubs mishandled, damaged, lost, or slapped with exorbitant fees. That’s not the memory you want from a golf vacation. ... Our clubs aren’t just pieces of equipment; they are extensions of our sporting spirit. Knowing where they are and that they’re being handled with care is the least we can offer.

Beyond Shipping: A Community of Golfers

More than just a service, we’re a community. We understand golfers because we are golfers. We’ve experienced the same frustrations and challenges. And that’s why our customer service goes beyond the ordinary. It’s personalized, attentive, and genuinely eager to make your golfing journey smoother.

Driving Change for a Better Tomorrow

As we tee off into the future, our mission remains clear: to revolutionize the way golfers travel with their clubs. ... With us by your side, you can be assured that your clubs are in safe hands, letting you focus on what truly matters - the joy of the game.