September 28, 2023

Shipping Golf Clubs with FedEx or UPS

Guide on how to ship golf clubs with FedEx or UPS.

We will compare price, how to ship with each carrier, and other alternatives.

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FedEx and UPS Reliability

  • FedEx and UPS have the fewest lost packages and the highest on-time delivery rates in the U.S. compared to USPS. Trust us: we’ve sent thousands of packages using USPS, FedEx, and UPS.

FedEx and UPS Golf Clubs

  • FedEx and UPS are well made to ship golf clubs, shipping hundreds of thousands of them a year.

How to Ship with FedEx or UPS

  • Quote and pay on their website.
  • Create a shipment in one of their stores.


  • Their online interface is very clunky and confusing with many uncessary options for just shipping golf clubs.
  • Image of Fedex quote interface
  • Their online and store rates do not offer any discounts, making you pay 100% of retail rates.
  • It’s hard to get in contact with a real customer service agent from them and many are outsourced from other countries.
  • They offer very little assistance and know-how on golf club shipping. They send millions of different types of packages a year and golfers are not their only priority.

Solution: Specialized Golf Shippers

A more cost-effective option is to utilize dedicated shipping platforms like BagToTee. They not only provide shipments through UPS and FedEx but also grant up to 60% discounts on these carriers’ labels. Additionally, they offer specialized support for transporting golf clubs. There are also other specific golf shipping services like ShipSticks to consider. Let’s delve into and compare the offerings of each service.

Shipping Costs Comparison

Golf Bag shipped from Salt Lake City, UT to West Palm Beach, FL through ground 5 day shipping.


Shipping Service Comparison

CompanyReliable ServiceGolf SpeciliazedNo Hidden FeesLowest RatesWhite-Glove Support

BagToTee and ShipSticks are a better choice than traditional carriers like FedEx and UPS since they leverage these major services but specialize in golf club shipping. They offer intuitive interfaces and discounted rates, with BagToTee providing the lowest pricing without hidden charges. Unique to BagToTee is their free white-glove service: clients receive a personal customer agent who not only answers questions but also coordinates with carriers and accommodations to resolve any challenges.

Considering, Checking In Golf Clubs At Airport?

Many golf clubs exceed the 50 lb. weight restriction, incurring an overweight fee. Most travel golf bags also breach the maximum size limit of 62 inches, reaching up to 72 inches. If one encounters a stringent check-in attendant, brace for additional fees, without any alternative options at the airport. The 1st bag fee is attractive, but in reality you most likely will have to be paying an overweight or oversized fee.

Airline1st Bag2nd BagOverweight FeeOversized Fee

What Influences Golf Club Shipping Costs?

Transportation Costs

  • Weight of the Clubs: The pricing varies based on whether you’re shipping smaller or larger clubs weighing more.
  • Distance Shipped: For instance, shipping from West Palm Beach, FL to Orlando, FL is more affordable than from West Palm Beach, FL to Los Angeles, CA.
  • Shipping Speed: Next-day, 2-day, 3-day, 4-day, and 5-day shipping times are the standard in the industry. The faster the shipping speed you need the more expensive it will cost you.

Add-On Costs

  • Add Insurance: This is highly recommended for peace of mind.
  • Add Pick-Up Service: Carriers will pickup your golf clubs at your home, golf club, resort, or hotel for a fee.