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How Pickups Work When Shipping Golf Clubs

Our customers’ clubs are precious to us. We’ve got you covered.

Shipping golf clubs

The Basics of Golf Club Pickups

  • Schedule a Pickup: When you are paying for your order you can add a pickup on a select date for a small fee.
  • Doorstep Collection: With a slight additional charge, golf clubs and luggage can be picked up right from your home or any other location you choose.
  • Pickup Times: Generally, you can expect your clubs to be picked up between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. If you’re not around, you can leave your clubs outside your home, ensuring the shipping label is clearly visible.
  • Instructions: Leaving a brief note or instructions like "at side door" or "please knock/ring for pickup" can facilitate a smoother pickup process. Remember, drivers won’t have access to complex gate codes or similar security measures.

Pickups From Different Locations

1. Hotels and Resorts

  • Most have a designated shipping and receiving area. Confirm this with the hotel’s Guest Services.
  • Always ensure your shipment is well-packaged and labeled.
  • In case you leave your shipment at the front desk, make sure they know the ship date and carrier.
  • Planning to play another golf round before your departure? Schedule your pick up for the day after to avoid inconveniences.
  • Note: Some hotels or resorts might have additional handling fees, which aren’t related to the shipping service.

2. Golf Courses

  • Check with the golf staff about the usual pickup areas.
  • Ensure the golf course is operational on your pickup day, as some might be closed for maintenance.
  • It’s essential to be aware of the pickup timings, especially if you’re playing. Your clubs could be picked up while you’re still out golfing!
  • Forgetting your shipping label isn’t the end of the world. Many services can email it directly to the pro shop.

3. Residential Pickups

  • Houses: If you’re not home, you can leave your clubs outside, ensuring they are packaged and labeled well. For any specific location preferences, such as a side door, leave a note and inform the customer support team.
  • Apartment Buildings: For apartments, the best approach is to leave your clubs with a doorman, in the lobby, or a designated shipping area.

4. Rental Properties

  • Opt for a pickup date at least a day before you leave to ensure someone’s available for a smoother process.
  • On-site leasing or management offices can also be pickup points, provided they permit it.
  • Plan on extending your vacation? You can always reschedule your pickup with the customer support team.

5. Business Locations

  • If you’re shipping from a commercial area, know that the driver who usually picks up packages (like UPS or FedEx) will likely pick up your clubs.
  • Always leave the shipment in the regular pickup area, even if you’ve mentioned a suite number.

Key Takeaways

  • Always ensure your clubs are properly packaged and labeled.
  • Drivers will not be equipped with packaging materials, so be prepared in advance.
  • It’s imperative to provide clear instructions, but complex security details like gate codes won’t be entertained.
  • Understand the nuances of the location you’re shipping from – be it a hotel, golf course, residence, rental property, or business.
  • And lastly, while shipping your golf clubs might seem a bit challenging, with the right approach, it can be as smooth as a perfect swing!

Traveling with your golf clubs has never been easier. Happy golfing and safe travels to your clubs!