October 2, 2023

Flying With Golf Clubs on Delta Airlines

How To Fly With Golf Clubs And Price Comparison Guide.

We’ll compare how to ship golf clubs on different airlines.

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First, should you check in golf clubs at airport?

The U.S. Department of Transportation reported that were a total of 460 million checked bags in airports in 2022 and 3 million of those bags were mishandled. While first bag fees might appear attractive, golfers should be wary.

Hidden Fees

Many golf clubs exceed the 50 lb. weight restriction, incurring an overweight fee. Most travel golf bags also breach the maximum size limit of 62 inches, reaching up to 72 inches. If one encounters a stringent check-in attendant, brace for additional fees, without any alternative options at the airport.

Delta Baggage Fee Costs 2023

Airline1st Bag2nd BagOverweight FeeOversized Fee

The Dilemma of Checked Golf Clubs: Is the Risk Worth It?

One may wonder, if the process isn’t seamless, why opt for it? Is there a price advantage, or does it offer peace of mind? Let’s evaluate.

Peace of Mind? Airlines constantly mishandle and lose bags

Historically, airlines prioritize transporting passengers, often relegating baggage, including specialty items like golf clubs, to a secondary concern. To highlight this, recent data from the U.S. Department of Transportation revealed a staggering 50% increase in mishandled bags from 2021 to 2022. There were a total of 460 million checked bags in 2022 and 3 million of those bags were mishandled. These statistics becomes particularly alarming for golf enthusiasts that know that losing a bag costs us a lot more than money. Additionally oversized bags like golf clubs take longer to come out per the United website “Because of the size of golf bags, there may be a delay receiving your bag at baggage claim.”

Chart of top 3 airlines who mishandled the most bags

Customer Service and Insurance Hurdles

The aftermath of a mishap can be even more daunting. If a golf bag is delayed, it might take 3-7 days for its return, often ruining a golf vacation. While the Department of Transportation requires the liability of $3,800 per passenger for lost or damaged bags, the true value of specialized golf clubs often exceeds this amount. Furthermore, seeking redress can be cumbersome. For instance, Delta Airlines requires a report to be filed at their Baggage Service Center before entertaining any claims. Not to mention, customer service for airlines are not the most responsive, here a customer complains on reddit on how they were on hold for 2 and half hours to talk to an agent.

Customer Complaint Of Wait Times With United Airlines

Ultimately customers lose with high prices, no reliability and a difficult way to manage problems if problems do arise:

See this pictures uploaded by @standout_media on Twitter on a baggage system failure in an airport that caused countless misplaces and lost golf clubs.

Pile up of lost golf clubs in airport

Solution? Ship Ahead

Use BagToTee to ship your golf clubs.

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Travel Hassle-Free

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